Copy of nikkirichcover2We often forget that being a host is a talent in itself until you meet people like Nikki Rich. With 20 years of radio and television experience, it is no wonder she has been steadily climbing the media industry ranks as an inspiring self-made host and overall entrepreneur. Founded in 2011, The Nikki Rich Show now boasts 400,000 listeners worldwide and it’s easy to see why.


With a ranging array of celebrity, entrepreneurial and industry guests, The Nikki Rich Show has become a fixture in the online radio world.

Her popularity has led to her being the guest judge for the BET Blaze the Stage/106 N Park W.O.W Auditions held in Charlotte, NC. On February 2013 at the Charlotte Seen Passport to Fashion

Kick off The Nikki Rich Show was live and interviewing designers such as Taylor Says and Movie Director Trey Ore. The Nikki Rich Show was invited by MTV to cover the MTV Woodie Awards at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

But she is so much more than a host.

Nikki is very much active in the community, organizing yearly food and coat drives, sponsoring families for Thanksgiving and supporting various charities during each production such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Domestic Violence and many others. She was awarded by the Rotary Club for her community efforts. Nikki Rich is a TV and Radio Personality, social media consultant, booking agent, event planner and a host who always puts God first.

I recently had the opportunity to ask Nikki a few questions. See for yourself why she’s been hailed by the industry as a Media Mogul!

Many people get their first taste of the music industry as artists and you have the draw of one! Were you ever on stage as a performer?

I have not performed on stage, but I did sing with my 3 brothers at a teen young age in Church. 

What was your first gig as a host? Think back to the details. What’s the biggest difference in your delivery from then to now?

The First Gig as a host was the Nikki Rich Show Community I was a for "Fashion" at the Meeting in the Ladies Room " Teen Summit in Charlotte, NC at the Recreation with Keisha Coxe, also had my own first event that I Hosted and put together  was (NCMS)   Music Summitt with A&R Kevin Shine in North Carolina also Yoshikoent Meet Yo Tweet 

You meet well known celebrities quite often! Is there one artist that made you nervous?

There have been one guest that I was really nervous with Angela Jollievette she is a Grammy Manager and a DJ! I’m so inspired by her!! 

If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

I would add more Education on The Industry and things to look out for good and bad.

What do you think about the rise of internet radio?  Do you think traditional radio will soon be an afterthought?

I love the rise of Internet radio! Some people have misperceptions as if its not reaching that area in fact is reaching globally. Internet radio is growing so fast Im not sure if traditional can keep up with it! I feel we need both Traditional and Internet! 

nikkirich6 CopyAs a social media consultant, what do you think is the next big thing in social media?

The Next big thing far as social media would be to have live show in your car with out anyone else just cameras and social media at the same time.

The Nikki Rich Show is wildly popular.  Which social media platform has made the biggest positive impact on your promotions?

All platforms: Twitter, FB, Instagram, Reverbnation and LinkedIn because they all are connected and balance out.

You truly give back to the community.  What event is in the works?

I have worked with An amazing Non Profit Tower of Strength Youth and Family Services in Charlotte NC giving back to Kids for Back to School! Donating Komen Foundation Cancer Awareness and just helping people throughout.

What was the highlight of covering the MTV Woodie Awards in SXSW in Austin this year?

Wow! The highlight is that MTV MTVu is the best! Just having the Opportunity to cover the 2013 MTVu Woodie Awards in Austin Texas at SXSW was my Best Experience ever! I was able to interview amazing artist and I am forever grateful.


Do you have any advice for aspiring hosts? Would you recommend the independent road of starting a self-funded show?

I say Research! Research! Research! Make sure business in order! 

The men are asking…is there a Mr. Nikki Rich??

No, Hopefully one day! I do have a baby brother named after me Nick Rich! Lol.

What is next in the evolution of Nikki Rich?

Continue putting God first, next expand the brand and continue building my Empire!!

Keep your eye on Nikki, she is quickly becoming a household name in the industry and don’t forget to tune to The Nikki Rich Show. You won’t regret it! 

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