steveryancoverIf he passed you by on the street you’ll take a glance, then practically break your neck staring back at him as he walks on. Steve Ryan has a magnetic , charming quality that is innate, that oozes even over the phone and computer. If you’re up on the Indie scene, then Steve Ryan is a familiar name for you. With a stint on Amazon on the Best Sellers List and an insanely large following online that literally

hangs on his every word.

It’s easy to see why once you listen to his music or read one of his poems. Mainstream music has robbed us of artists like Steve Ryan, who go through genuine hardship and prevail with talents and words of wisdom to show for it. When you delve into the indie scene you discover everything you have been missing.

“I have a new way of thinking…my understanding is expanding over time…”

He had me at “new way of thinking.” Sigh.

Perfectly scripted lyrics and an undeniable beat make this track, Real Time, my new favorite. Just the sheer infectiousness of it will amaze you, and the fact that you can sing along and feel confident you’re not regurgitating garbage lyrics is a bright red, juicy cherry on top.

Seeing Steve Ryan gain more and more popularity everyday fuels my thought that we do not truly want the artists and music the mainstream music industry crams down our throats on a daily basis. We’re bored of its emptiness and glorification of filth and the only way to show it is to support the indie artists that spread positive messages by being worthy role models and not simply chasing the ever elusive dollar.

I recently had the chance to talk to Steve and ask him a few questions that were on the readers’ minds.

You do a lot for others to help them make THEIR dreams come true, leading people to refer to you as ‘the dream maker’. Can you tell me a bit of what you have done to earn this title?

This has been done through my music. A lot of people write me telling me how my songs have inspired them to go after their dreams and inspire them. I also write poetry and have a following that follows my blogs and they are inspired by the different poems. And sometimes I help coach some people in person and help give them motivation and think of strategies to go after their goals and dreams. Really, this title was given to me by other people. I was just being me and doing what I always enjoy doing, which is helping others. And eventually people tell me that it’s helped them. It’s too many stories to really put them all here, but it’s been a great thing that keeps my spirit going, especially when I get discouraged myself.

I see you're a musician, actor and author. What have you acted in? Do you have future plans set in stone for your acting career?

I’ve been in Meet the Browns with Tyler Perry and on another that starred Vivica Fox. Just look me up on imdb and you’ll see all my acting credits. I have just signed with a great agent and I have some upcoming auditions for some tv shows. So yes, I feel real good about the acting side. Music is my first priority though, but I will be in some acting things in the future.

I love that you're a triple threat! Do you also dance? Is there another talent the public doesn't know about that you're honing?

It’s funny you mentioned dancing. I move well, but I wouldn’t consider myself a super great dancer. But I do have some rhythm. I am working with a coach to really make it more on point.
If you could, what would you change about the music industry?

I would say that people should have more of a say of what they want to listen to versus a few small industry people making the decisions as to what’s going to be on the radio and what’s not. That way people can get what they want to hear.
What would you say has been your biggest break thus far?

Hmmm, biggest break. That’s hard to say. I would say that my biggest break is that, I got introduced to a world renowned songwriter, like everybody would know this lady. I’m not going mention her name for her privacy sake. But she is mentoring me now and giving me some great songwriting coaching. We connect at least once or twice a month and she has really opened up my eyes to help take my songwriting from good to great. And another break for me was when I was invited to an event in which I performed in front of a lot of celebrities and it was really an awesome experience. They definitely were supportive and I made a lot of good connections.
I know you've been rubbing shoulders with celebs as you work your way up. Any one you have genuinely been star struck in meeting?

I don’t really get star struck to be honest with you. I have to say that, sometimes I’ve been guilty of not knowing who someone is. But even when I know who a certain celeb is, I just treat them normal. Because we all wear pants and clothes and we all are human. I get more excited about the actual work when we’re creating instead of being excited over a person. But that’s just me.
Any future collaborations we can look forward to?

Absolutely, stay tuned to my website and you will be surprised.
What would your dream collaboration be? This means any artist, alive or dead!

My dream collaboration, Mariah Carey and John Legend because of their great work ethic.
As you become more known, you are, whether you realize not, a role model to the younger generation. Is this something you're consciously aware? Do you find this affects what you do in the public eye? Why or why not?

I am aware that I am a role model to some people in all generations, both younger and older. Most of the time I feel I can just be myself. By nature, I’m an easy going and fun guy. But when I have moments that maybe I’m tired, or exhausted, this helps me to make sure that I am alert so that there won’t be any misunderstandings out of frustration and being fatigue when it comes to interacting with people in public.
Aside from your personal experiences and dreams which were a big part of your creative inspiration, who influenced you into taking your hardships and pain and creating music from it? Both famous and non famous. I would say Janis Joplin, Sheryl Crow, Billy Holiday, Beyonce, Willie Nelson, Mariah Carey, Luther Vandross , Lifehouse, maroon 5 and countless others.
When did you make the move to NY from Georgia? Do you think this move has helped catapult your career? What would be your advice to an indie artist who is trying to make it in a small town?

Actually New York is like a second home. I still have a place in Georgia as well. New York happened about 1.5 /2 years ago. I’m thinking about Los Angeles now since I have been going there a lot this year. I think it has helped the career for the simple fact that, connections are all over. I think if you want to be successful in the music industry, you have to meet people all over. Just being in one city is not enough. If someone is in a small town, they you can use the power of social media to establish themselves and then when they are able to explore a bigger city, they should take on the opportunity. There’s no excuse. You have so many ways to submit to things over the internet and get exposure. Nothing beats meeting people in person, but the second best thing to that is online.
With all the music downloads from your over a million fans, you are the epitome of a successful artist who did not need to sell their soul for a slice of success. Many of our readers are indie artists who are trying to get where you are. Do you have any advice for them to rise to the top without future regrets of what they did to get there?

I will say to other artists, to find ways to stay persistent at what you’re doing. Be open to growth and be open to perfecting your craft constantly. And network, network, network. You never know when it’s the right place and the right time.
Do you have a significant other or is that on the backburner due to your burgeoning career? How important is a partner to you right now?

Having a significant other is on the back burner for now. Relationships take a lot of time, energy and dedication and it really takes two people being compatible with each other. My friends and family often get frustrated with me because they all say I work too much. I’m learning to balance leisure time, but when you are building a foundation of your career, sometimes that’s the cost of success. Having a partner will be important and I am open to it at the right time as long there is mutual understanding and communication.
What project can we look forward to from you?

I am working on putting out a book that is estimated to be out at the end of the year, or the beginning of next year. I’m also working on some great music to bring to the fans and it will be another part of the evolution of Steve Ryan.

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