nicole arbour coverNicole Arbour has been called "The World's Sexiest Comedian" by everyone from Playboy to SUN Media, the video to her first single had over 300,000 views before it ever hit the radio, she overcame devastating injuries from a car accident becoming a motivational powerhouse and captain of the #GOTEAM movement, choreographed for the biggest awards show in Canada, was an NBA cheerleader, and...

Tell the people about being

a master motivator and #GOTEAM!!

Well hello people. I am a master motivator, and #GOTEAM is the shit. Ok for real, I was in a car accident that left me disabled and in severe chronic pain a few years ago. And, after being told I’ll never get better, or get back to life, I pretty much heard Denzel Washington in my head yelling at me. “It’s not time to give up! It’s time to get up!” …and #GOTEAM had its real push into the world. I started cheering, for myself, and for everyone else, and tuning out the negative voices. I believed every day that I wasn’t put here to give up, and that by me getting better, and then kicking ass at life, I can lead people to do the same.  And, it’s been the biggest thrill of a lifetime.

#GOTEAM, our growing internet team and global movement of “I can do anything” positive people has trended on Twitter, been featured in press as far as Colombia, and with members getting tattoos to always have a visual reminder of our values, shows no signs of slowing down. Join the team, its fun over here. 

People want to know about you, who is Nicole Arbour? Tell us about "Slutty Claus".

Ugh... Sup? I’m Nicole Arbour! A professional dancer/ choreographer and NBA cheerleader turned comedian, actress, and recording artist! I also do styling, creative directing, and write funny stuff for wicked corporations.

I know you might be thinking, “How can you do so much stuff?” and my answer is Really how could I not!  I bore easily and have a ton of ideas at once. If I don’t get em out… I think I’ll spontaneously combust.

And, Slutty Claus was so much fun! I got to team up again with the great people at Virgin Mobile. So thankful to work with them. I really don’t believe a cooler brand exists. They had a concept for a funny holiday greeting to send to their members, I added my inappropriate flavor, and tada! Over a million views, and featured by magazines and blogs all over! That’s good team work. Funny thing is it wasn’t supposed to be called Slutty Claus. I made that up. Someone at the ad agency wasn’t happy with it either and called my agent pissed I kept calling it that… (Likely cause they didn’t think of it). But it stuck, and taught me to push my ideas even with big dogs in the room when I know they’re kick ass.  Heck, we wouldn’t be talking about it years later if it were called, “A Holiday Greeting” (Nicole makes vomit in mouth face.)

How does it feel being labeled "The World's Sexiest Comedian"?

It feels very flattering, but sometimes just silly at this point. I was labeled that first a bunch of years ago. There are a ton of hotties in comedy now. I still haven’t met any counterparts to my degree of girly comedy, but women are kicking equal ass at funny, so it’s like winning the tallest midget award. (I said midget, deal with it. My mayor smokes crack, I can type midget). I’m still always very flattered and will continue to rep that title as part of who I am, but it really is just a part of my story now.

Being from Canada, how much has that influenced what you do as far as creativity?

We are crazy polite, but it feels like we have less rules here. More of a free for all. And, I come from the land of funny and awesome. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and I like that. Also, I have been told I smell of maple. I assume that’s from the syrup in my veins.  (I may have said that to keep vampires away. Vampires, please ignore the last sentence, you don’t want my blood, and it’s all syrupy).

This is my question: How do you handle your haters I know you got plenty being out there in the limelight.

Goooood question!!! It took me a while and I totally got caught up in it. The internet drama. Because the truth is, sometimes you’ll read something about yourself and be all Maury like, “Hey! You don’t knooooow me!” But at the end of the day, there are the people doing, who are in the arena getting beat up, en route to greatness, and there are the commentators sitting on the sidelines booing. If you’re not IN the game, working your ass off towards your dreams and overcoming adversity, your opinion is pretty damn irrelevant to me now.

I got more sensitive after my accident as a person, but also more recently felt waaaaay tougher. Like bitch, a car couldn’t stop me, your words sure can’t. For real, haters are just irrelevant. If they could do what I’m doin, they’d be doin it. (Whoa I just channeled my inner JayZ.)

Buuuuuut, that being said, you’ll totally hear about haters and internet trolls in my upcoming music. ;)

Who do you idolize in standup Comedy? Who if anyone, do you take after on the stage?

Robin Williams for his stamina, Louis CK for his honesty and business sense, Ellen for her ability to make people laugh without just being mean, and Bill Cosby for being so polished.

Have you had the opportunity to meet many famous people being an Actress/Comedian? Who are some of the notables?

Tons! I’d be droppin names like Avicii drops drops if I answered that. I’ve been very lucky to attract wicked and talented people into my life. Actually, to go with the last question, I had a crazy experience with Bill Cosby a few years back. I was going to his show with my Mom; I was taking a nap in our hotel room at the casino when the phone rang. It was security saying, “Mr. Cosby would like to meet with you in a half hour.” I was like WAAAAAAAA?? I got ready real fast, was escorted back stage and after we talked about how my Mom had given one of my calendars to a security guard and that led to them knowing I was there… blah, blah… he literally put me through a comedy boot camp there in his dressing room.

He was like, “Do your opener for me!” I was so nervous. Then he put my Mom and I right in the front and middle for his show and would point at me when he executed one of the things with timing we were talking about earlier. It was nuts. We talked after the show too and he gave me a bunch of advice. It was literally so crazy.

How do you feel about Women changing the face of Comedy? Who are some of your favorite Women Comedians? 

We aren’t changing shit. We’ve always been there and we’ve always been kicking ass.  It’s a silly thing to pretend we haven’t been. Monroe was known for being a funny hot blonde, I Love Lucy was the biggest show on TV, and Shirley Temple was hilarious.   This ain’t new, and talking about it like it is, feels like talking about how I feel that women get to vote now. LOL.

To the women on their grind making it happen, what encouraging words do you have for them?

It’s ok to be a girl. You’ll never be happy if you’re acting in real life. You gotta be you.  Real you. Being real is a super power. And be damn fearless about it.

Also, there’s lots of time for boys, and marriage, and all that. Put your dreams first for as long as you can, and grind till they are real. As women, we tend to have this little voice in the back of our heads that tells us from a young age to not try too hard because we’ll either scare off boys, or have to give it all up when we get with a guy anyways. It’s not true. That little voice is a liar. Do you. And, cheer for each other.  Push each other.  Work together. #GOTEAM.

What has been the highlight of your entertainment career so far? Do you plan to continue doing Comedy?

I’d say the highlight so far in comedy was the CBC special I did. I literally got the call to do it while I was still bed ridden. It was the first show I did in years. Who the heck does that happen to? Standup comics try to get TV specials their whole lives, and here I was in bed, using positivity to keep going, and got a call out of the blue.

I was in so much pain the day we shot I was dizzy, disoriented, sweating, shaking, and couldn’t even go to the after party but fu*k it, I DID IT!  And from what I’ve been told, no one had any idea. That was awesome for me. If I could perform well feeling the worst, get ready for feeling better me!

I couldn’t have done that show without my makeup artist Christopher Vee who flew in from Bermuda to be with me, support me, and do my make up while I was laying down because I couldn’t even sit. So mad love to you Chris!

I plan on doing comedy in a bunch of different ways. Producing shows, web shows, live shows, and would love to continue working with awesome corporate brands to make branded entertainment. And I write stand up every day so who knows what I’ll do with it all.

What does the future hold for Nicole? What can we expect?

Next up is my MUSIC!!! Woot! Woot!

I’m currently recording my EP Fun Revolution in Toronto with killer producers, and I LOVE IT. So excited!  It’s like a big mash up of everything I am. My dancy side, my witty ass side, my inner gangsta. I love it. And there’s something for everyone on it, not just one style. Its stuff that will pump you up, cheer you on, make you wanna dance, and make you feel better if you’re down. I’m so proud of it, and it’s not even done yet!! Can’t wait for you to hear it!

Any special shoutouts?

The whole #GOTEAM for continuing to cheer me on/ my whole internet family! And my Dr’s and real family for putting up with me when I sucked at life. And, God, cause I’m pretty sure he reads all my interviews, and although people think its Harvey Weinstein, God actually runs the entertainment industry. ;)


fb:  twitter: @nicolearbour  and insta: @ibnicolearbour  

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