Describe your style and type of music for us.

K'SANDRA: My style of music combines upbeat Electronic Dance Music with influences of Pop and some Rock, I use
Electronic sounds and beats and like to combine i.e. live drums or e-guitars or sometimes

even some native instruments into my songs to give it a real edge.

People want to know about you, who is K'Sandra?

K'SANDRA: I am a singer, songwriter, producer, performer and DJ and like to roam from one into the other with connecting each talent into the outcome of a good song or like to make sure when I DJ that music lovers get to enjoy a great experience that makes them feel something. I for sure would admit of having ADD which helps me for sure to do multiple things always and would not be surprised if many DJs are into Djing since it's a great cure.

Being as multi-talented as you are puts you on a whole different level, tell the people what you do to keep yourself up for your tasks.

K'SANDRA: I try staying true to myself and try not to go with the trend that is decided by the music industry but rather just analyze what makes a good song or a good show, and then see how I can implement certain elements into my craft. I am a super spontaneous but then at the same time a very organized person and that helps me to keep my mind free for my art and to explore what might come thru me. Certainly I practice multiple times a week and like to learn from others to get sharper at my skills. I never stop learning, I never would say I am perfect at something. Having a talent for multiple things sometimes makes it of course not easy to keep up with all of it, so I try finding out where weak points are and put that topic on the plate as "to be worked on"

As a singer you recently released a song called "Overload" tell us about that & do you ever get compared to Lady Gaga? How much of your own music do you produce?

K'SANDRA: Overload is a very double sided song, it's an EDM love song that was inspired by the emotions of some very special moments and just written in one night. It's about the feeling when we are in love and the overload on feelings we have to deal with when it hits us. The other meaning is about the overload on information and technology overflow that often has no
meaning but just distracts us from what is important.” Love”.  So then I paired with a studio and worked on my visions to create "Overload". Believe it or not, I did NOT have a second verse to that song at all, I wrote it as I was recording in the studio. I co-produced and arranged the vocals, since we had in that song 3 backup singers to make the chorus not just brighter but to also add cool harmonies.

I actually do not get too often compared to Lady Gaga rather to her work ethic, just like Lady Gaga I sleep rarely and am a hard worker and a bossy diva, that cares for her team and for a good outcome for everyone involved in the team. I do have many fans that follow Lady Gaga, they do seem to like my music and whole fan clubs from even Tokyo are supporting me. Of course me being indie, you never know, how much do big artist like Lady Gaga borrow from us.... I was given by a secret person her managers number and he kicked my butt to call that he is not anymore with Gaga.

I do like to co-produce at least 50 to 60% of my tracks, I love producing, of course always in guidance, I never would call myself a solely producer such as a Timbaland or Missy Elliot. I have a lot to learn, maybe from Timbaland, who I have been in personal touch with recently (that would be a dream come true).

This is my question: How do you handle your haters I know you got plenty being out there in the limelight.

K'SANDRA: I just don't believe in haters, I get so many emails from supporters and if someone does not like what I do, why would I make it my problem and direct energy towards it. I try to focus on the positive and like to turn haters into lovers. Stalkers are a whole different topic though, that I have a much tougher time to deal with since I am just often too nice.

Describe to us the feeling of being a DJ in the club, with your headphones on & people ready to party!

K'SANDRA: It's like getting someone infected with the most amazing drug, and there is just one that's called music, it's like playing with the audience,picking up on their emotions and feelings and transforming it into the song
you play. I just love the club vibe and the energy of people getting together to have a great time and just be there for the moment. Since I am with my partner Wiley C in a DJ Duo, it's like having a party with him on stage and with everyone in the audience. Quite honestly I see every person out there, there is not one person that is left unseen and you work with that and make sure each person is having a good time and feeling the vibration and the frequency as one.

Being a DJ, Singer, Performer, Producer, have you had the opportunity to meet many famous people since being on the show?

K'SANDRA: Indeed I get to meet a lot of famous people,  that of course comes with being in the business and being around others, but often everyone focusses on what they have to do and when the work is done, we all get together for a good celebration. I really often do not even keep track who I meet, I do get excited in the moment about what people have accomplished when I see them, but a month later would not even be able to tell you who I met throughout this journey. I did see last week i.e. Halle Berry, who is my neighbor, so we met already at the grocery store, I adore her. I ran into Paris Hilton and tripped Charlize Theron who seemed quite upset about it. I keep in contact with other DJs thru i.e. Instagram and my recent excitement was when the Stafford Brothers just loved me dancing with their Kanguru or when I got to be at Armin van Buren's private Grammy party and posted a photo Gareth Emery liked it. And I did like the way Timbaland was saying my
name recently. It rather shows me that I have worked hard enough to be recognized.

You are multi-cultural as well from Los Angeles to Ibiza to Germany, what influence does that have on you & your music and which has the most.

K'SANDRA: I believe this is the main reason I do not sound like anybody else with my music. I take elements that I like with me on my travels and make them into my own recipe, so I might sound a little like this and a little like that but still different enough. When it comes to EDM I just swear on anything in my luggage from Europe, nowhere else is EDM better done, except of course now with Skrillex defining a new genre born in downtown LA. Then when it comes to rock for sure UK and the US sound is quite inspiring, same with pop. One thing that's just great done in the US is the risk taking in production and the know-how and creating a certain sound on guitars or drums that make them just cool.

What positive things would you tell these young women of all ages and races coming up in today's music scene?

K'SANDRA: I would tell them to keep working hard and not to let anybody bring them down. It is for sure a male dominant business, but that is what makes us stronger and prettier and special. I also would tell them not to focus on their looks but rather on their craft, it is a good feeling knowing that we women just are the stronger gender and we don't need men to dominate what we do or how we do things. In fact I would suggest for women to get together and to create with no pressure of having to have an outcome but just for the fun of it.  My and I girls often create spontaneous and unexpected, we take pictures, do photo shoots and some of those shots are maybe later being used as my promo shots.

What has been the highlight of your music career so far? Do you plan to continue doing the things you do that make you multi-talented?

K'SANDRA: I was blessed to have gotten a few nominations by various organizations and also some awards. I also never have time to look back and to review what were the high lights,  because I believe the highlights just keep getting better and better. So it would be hard to compare what's tomorrow to something that happened last year maybe. I have been blessed to
work with writer of Beyonce, producers of Usher, Fergie and Demi Levato and had song placements in TV shows and have performed some awesome shows with an awesome team. I also got to work with a known singer,  that had worked with Pink Floyd, so it was like modern electronic meets old school. 
Of course I plan to continue doing what I do, in fact even more of it. It feels like whatever I did in the past is just getting to be done more in the future. I have some amazing songs waiting to come onto a second album.

What does the future hold for K'Sandra? What can we expect?

A bunch of gigs and shows are lined up such as festivals and i.e. headlining a rave after with my DJ Duo K'SANDRA & Wiley C. Also aiming to do some gigs overseas this summer. Will be also performing in San Francisco Earth Day. Then working with the charity organizations Amazon Watch to bring more awareness to certain issues supporting causes that help the Amazon. I am also releasing this summer a remix album called "Even Lighter Even Darker" feat. remixes of "Light 'n' Dark" done by international DJs worldwide and also working on producing more tracks and staring to write on my 2nd full length album that currently carries the name "DreamWalker". A secret movie about music is also in talks with a famous earlier named singer in it and I was asked to be in it.

Any special  shoutouts?
My shout-out goes to all my followers worldwide on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and all other social media, so to say all my fans and friends worldwide who always have encouraged me to keep going despite the dark days, all my concert goers and music buyers, that help make it possible that Indie music can survive. And of course to my team and my bandmates, that have been supporting me and making sure we have an awesome sound on stage and always making sure we have fun playing together.



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