dotty redd“I grew up on music it really got me through some hard times. Times I didn't want to be here so it got to have substance behind it whether its rap, r&b it needs to say something.” These are some words from today’s

person of interest singer/rapper/web show host Dotty Redd. Born and raised in Akron, she was introduced to the world of music and entertainment through her mother who was a Patti LaBelle impersonator. We recently sat down for an interview and this is what she had to say: 

Can you tell us about your influences?        

From soulful to street, being a Gemini you get 2 sides, everything from Pac, Cash Money, Lauryn Hill and Anita Baker to Cameo and Mary J. That’s what I was raised on.

When did you get started?

I started off doing poetry at 7 year old. I started writing after my cousin was murdered and at age 11 I started rappin’. I would write rhymes like I was part of the crew, like I was accepted. I knew I was gonna’ be different (laughing).

Where do you draw your inspiration for writing?

I draw from experience and pain, just life in general. I come from nothin’. Straight street, a hood chick gone corporate. Somebody who didn’t have nothin’, that got it all by myself.

Can you tell us about your obstacles along the way?

I had to get comfortable with myself as an artist for one. I have ran across some bad business deals, you learn that there are wolves in this industry that’s why I am creating my own platform where if I can’t depend on nobody I’ll do it myself.

What artist(s) would you like to collab with in Akron?

He’s not on a major but DStreetz. He has a clean radio sound and he is street. He brings the heat. Ampichino, one of the legends in the city of Akron, to put that stamp on the city would be great.

Tell us about your web show W.R.C (When Real Connect)?

It is an interactive web show. Real people, real men, real artist, real women based on me creating a platform for myself. I'm a blunt person. I’m pretty honest. It all started with the idea of me pullin’ out my camera and talkin’ mess and talkin’ real. People getting’ views and I'm an artist out hereworking hard and I can’t get no views, people pullin’ out they phones and talkin’ reckless and gettin’ a million views so it came from that idea, it’s still in the works as something to be polished to the tee but its raw and raw sells. 

What do you have to say to other multi- talented women out there trying to make it happen like you?

First, find yourself as a woman, know what you want to do and go for it. For anybody on that level stay focused stay humble keep your circle close, get it by all means, be a  networker, know how to flip it if you wanna’ go up you gotta’ know how to upgrade!   

In your opinion, what is missing in the industry?

What is the industry missing? Substance behind the words, it’s all in the game of a good beat and a hook. It’s just time for somebody to say something, what are we talking about, what are we writing about. Once you get pass the money and the chicks what’s next? How are we gonna’ advance?

What does the future hold for you on the music and business side of things?

The money is in the background. Writing, producing my own beats, making the show go live by getting’ to the streets. I got a cypher comin’ up. I’m on a couple of Coast 2 Coast mixtapes and have a couple of red carpet events coming up. Expect an album real soon, within the next six months. I already got albums written out and prepared. It’s just about puttin’ them in order. WRC (When Real Connect) will return around the last week of July, y’all gonna’ see a lot of Dotty so keep ya eyes open!

You can view all 11 episodes of WRC (When Real Connect) on Youtube!

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