khingwurk2How did you get started? Describe the unique spelling of your name to us as well.

Well I first started my career in hip-hop when I was in the Group Home Hawthorne Cedar Knolls in

Westchester N.Y at the age of around eight years old. And it stuck with me ever since, I have been writing my own material since I was twelve years old. Went through many stages to reach the point that I am at my career hasn’t been easy and that’s where my name came from. I am Wurk and it’s actually Jus Wurk but I decided to add the Khing for a little flare. 

The spelling it self represents my uniqueness when it comes to Wurk the U means just that u Work. When it comes to the spelling of king with h that was added for the hate It also helps me stand out from the rest gotta actually spell it how it is K-h-i-n-g  J-u-s W-u-r-k  and when you do all the info you see will be mines and mines, it’s a marketing tool. Real hard to build up because when you enter my info auto correct automatically corrects it. Could even say that obstacle alone increase my grind because I have to have enough information out there to try and stop the system from auto correcting and go straight to all my material.  It’s nothing though you feel me Wurkkk!       

Tell us about your writing abilities & flow style.

I’m not like the rest or these “rappers” I don’t just put a bunch of hot words together on a hot beat and cross my fingers. I also don’t just write rap music I write R&B and Pop tracks also. My lyrics are a part of who I am, my life the things I’ve been through and witnessed. Through my music I tell a story all you have to do is take a moment to listen. I don’t sit for hours on a track and try to force out a hit. I vibe I let the track speak to me get, into my zone. And then let it go, and not matter what I make sure to stay true to me. Pay close attention to everyone or my tracks, if you want to catch me in a lie. You’ll see your self I’m having fun with this, don’t stunt on not one line…but I’m coming harder and harder every time. No metaphors or big words or complicated saying you must look up. I’m direct you will understand and more than likely pardon me say I feel the same motherfucking way.

What type of obstacles have you encountered getting to where you are?

I don’t have enough room, but I am going to speed through the life of Wurk and I want you to bear with me going to be a brief summary. I was born in Kings County Brooklyn from Redhook  (Poor Block) Pops named Nitty Moms Lisandra my fam was and still is very heavy out there, and I always wondered how life would been if I grew up there you know the place where everybody knows everybody and ya mother grew up with his aunty who married you brothers sister LOL, they still love me though I mean its home… nah but I was in foster care by five and by eight I was in the group home, went back with my moms when I was twelve and by fifth teen I was back in state custody this time juvenile detention didn’t come home until I was almost eighteen years old and this is the beginning, there’s more . After that I started moving around a lot seen some places, and a lot …seen a whole a lot of things happen and it was all soooo fast, most of the time it ended up with me in jail. And to be honest this was my life until 2013 when I was released from Franklin county TN that was the final straw I have kids and I was trying so I thought, my baby mother told me if I didn’t ship up I would lose my kids. So ever since then I have been putting all I have into this music, because after all that moving being alone…I just couldn’t lose my babies. Choose to be someone they can look up too. Take all that hustle I collected through the years and be there for them.  And believe you me, I done hustle Wurkkk!

Name your three biggest musical influences and they affect you.

First I’m going to mention Jay-Z he was someone who always inspired me, being that he also came from Brooklyn, NY. Also his hustle, without a high school diploma he accomplished every hustlers dream, he made it out the hood.  Now we going to take it down south to the Atlanta GA and give a big Shout out to the homie TI not going to be one of those artist who don’t acknowledge music in other areas and when I heard “Dope Boyz” on TI’s I’m Serious I damn near lost my mind! He was going in, but still having fun with it at the same time.  Was really the first time I heard a party type track with some hood lyrics on it, and was hooked ever since. Who said you can’t keep it gutter and go in at the same time? And lastly the man I am attempting to model my new career after is, LL Cool J is hard as hell Battle anybody I don’t care if you tell…. Rock the Bells!!!  All the guys wanted to be him all the ladies wanted a piece of him. That’s the type of entertainer I hope to be, want to make the ladies go crazy, feel like there isn’t an artist out there trying really do that on the physical level and as far as fitness and the body type. So that’s something I’m doing, different feel good, look good you know.

I’d like to hear about your MMA career and your training out of the Jungle Gym.

Man, all I’m going to say is…be humble. I’m not actually in the gym training to have a career in MMA. It was a conscience decision, I am actually a person who stuck to my New Years resolution and a few people in my inner circle can validate that.  Not the type of person to just jump into a situation blinded did a little research and The Jungle was the best of the best, and the reason I say that is the intensity. How the coaches motivate you and if you hang in long enough it’s actually like being adopted in a family a family of savages LOL. That’s why I said be humble, I am a natural fighter…so I thought. Now know I was just actually a brawler with a totally unorthodox style of fighting. At the jungle you not only get trained by professionals, you train right along the side them and with them if you up to it. Of course some people cant cut it, but I promise if you do. You will be very proud of your self for what you accomplished.  It is because of my training at The Jungle that I am healthier, confident and more focused than ever. Also know a few moves if I ever find myself in a bad situation. Advise anybody to come thru and check it out, tell them work sent you. Just be prepared to be real sore for the first couple months, seriously.

Where can new fans go to download or purchase your music (if applicable)?

If it’s a legit source to purchase a digital download…I am on it, talking from Amazon to Spotify, emusic, souncloud, revebnation, and iTunes’s etc. Just make sure you spell my name right (Khing Jus Wurk) must say that because of the auto correct feature on every system out there. As long as you spell my name correctly I will pop up, and my recent project is Wurk Related EP. First single of that joint is “I Am Wurk” request it demand it at your local radio station!!!

Who's at the top of your playlist on your iTunes or radio right now?

Meek Mills- Make Me

How do you feel about being an independent artist from RedHook, Brooklyn doing your thing down in Orlando, Fla now… you still reppin’ RedHook to the fullest?  

Am I still repping Redhook to the fullest you must not have heard my track damn near everyone Brooklyn baby we in here!!! And I’m not trying just do my thing in Orlando I’m trying do a little bit of everything everywhere. This just where I am putting everything together and actually its not a bad location, lovely weather beautiful people and the nightlife be popping. Since I move around a lot rally never had that home team feel so I had to learn how to rock it with a few , most the time by myself, but in  the long run the moving around help because home is where the heart is so you know Redhook always going to be on blast. Also going to show love to all the other places I have been along the way like Newark, Augusta, Houston, Richmond, Nashville, New Orleans…just to name a few, some places I was longer than others, still though I got a memory from every stop I made. 

How much has your fan base grown since you started using social media?

Heavily, you can’t fight against the technology. Your best bet is to embrace it because its here and its only getting more entwined into the business. So I went in, think I have too many social media accounts. So many in fact that I forget that I have one on that site until somebody mention it or I get contacted on it.  If you follow me thought you’ll see me…I flood the time line, but it be life thing not made up or prepared situations. When some people see it they say, your putting too much out there, my reply is how. I am an entertainer and I am very open with my life to an extent and I don’t mind sharing a lot of those experiences with the world. Its way to connect with you fan base and I use mines extremely well.

What are the goals and heights that Khing Wurk wants to reach?

I don’t know my mind is always racing with new ideas, first I think I want to go major…on a tour. The reason I don’t consider myself a rapper is my performances. I give a show and going on a tour would be the dream for me different city every night entertaining the masses. Yes that’s it a major tour that’s first thing. And a platinum album if I can get just those two things to happen everything else in between is a given. I worked very hard to reach this point in my career and I hope to soon let the world know my story, so I would hope to make a movies loosely based on my life and some of the thing I have been though.

Any advice for young people (men& women) that want to succeed in the hiphop/ rap world?

Learn the business you are getting into. You can’t expect to just record a song and make it big; you have to know you market and what you brand is going to be. And don’t give up, if things get tough because if the dream was easy to obtain everyone would be in the entertainment industry. So never give up in what you believe if you truly believe in it, just work harder to reach it.  A goal a goal, not a handout so you going to have to work for it!

What would you change in the music industry if you were a top exec?

I would require people to actually perform, so people have the hardest lyrics ever but no stage presence whatsoever. I would require artist to actually

 take some sort of classes. Think there is why to much attention on what the artist has on, then what they are doing when they are on the set.  People spend their money whether it’s the club out a sold out arena. Give them what they came to see a show.

Tell us about your Anti-Gun movement.

Now I don’t want people to get this confused with I don’t like guns at all, first I want to say this isn’t a game to me. This is what I stand for a lot of artist talk about the violence today in the world from the hood to the schools, and I feel that if I’m plan on making any change that effects this world it should be this.  Now their may be time that you personally feel that a gun may be called for, and its you life who am I to tell you that you don’t? What I don’t agree with is people putting it out there that carrying a gun makes you some sort of tough guy that every problem you have can be solved with one. I here to be one of the few who willing to stand for something different, actually try to lead by example and say if its that serious throw these hands, because in all reality not matter how you justify it complex way to solve the simplest problems. Something sometimes you can just let go…could take your life away forever. Just like that so I’m just asking everyone out there think about it…and decided yourself, is it worth it?

What should people expect from a live show from you?

Intensity the crowd feeds of your energy and I have a lot to spare. Come to a show of mines be prepared to get hyped and have your minded blown.  I’m all over the stage and if I am really feeling it, I might just go out in the crowd and turn up with my people. This music is my life and I love what I am doing . I want to have a good time and want everyone who is apart of this experience to do the same. Welcome to the show Wurkkk!

Are you musically inclined to other instruments?

I can play the flute a little bite and that’s about it. Thank you P.S 273 in the Bronx for that talent right there.

How do you feel about originality?

Very strongly, see the thing is its still is very hard to do. Eve now a lot of artist claim to be original but they are doing the same thing as someone else. Even myself it hard to have an completely original idea, because more than likely some sort of version of what you call original have been done by someone else. My advice is whatever you decide to do stay tru to your self and own that shit. Pardon me but its just like that, not matter what you do somebody going to  say they already did or know someone who has…you just so what, I’m still going to do it and after I have done it. You’ll forget it was done before.

What's next from Khing Wurk?

I don’t know, you can only do so much by yourself. So here it is…I need a proper manager and booking agent. Ready to blow!!! As you can see I do a lot and with the right guidance and connections I believe I have a long and prosperous career in this industry. Just know I’m not a fool and can see through the B.S, kind of got a nose for it now.  This is what I’m her for so labels, sponsors all that get at me as long as I am breathing I got work to do. So I am trying to keep busy! Wurkkkk you know the name

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