king locust1I recently had the chance to interview Akron, Ohio’s rap impresario and Clique Vodka Rep., CEO & artist of Global  Mogul, LLC King Locust. The gritty street veteran of the Akron

hiphop scene gives us a look inside his world.

“I started this hiphop thing a long time ago back when hiphop was pure expression, not just a bunch of people saying stuff on beats. With that, I call myself a pioneer, an O.G to both worlds.

As far as music I came up in the streets, my background is authentic, my resume reads true.

Through music I’ve been able to tell my story and other people I grew up with stories the real way it needs to be to be told.  I started doing records with Ricky Re-Up 12 years ago, we metamorphosed into Global Mogul. The man with the globe in his stomach.”

In giving us insight on his style of rapping King Locust describes his style as “Reality rap, concept and pure deep music. I’m a give you music, I’m not gon’ throw words together. Might have quotes from a deep book I read or someone I met in real life. Basically my style is reality rap and substance music.

When asked about his songwriting style he added “I’m a reader, a thinker and a dreamer so with that, that brings a lot of things into my world. I feed off words, I feed off life scenarios, I feed off characteristics of people. I can look at something and my pen will pick up and I get to writin’ something that pertains to my life, next thing you know it’s coming to life with a melody. I might see a horror movie and flash back into something in the ghetto. I can just write, I don’t need a beat to write. I’m a born writer and a dreamer so my thoughts come vividly and that’s what gives me the advantage. If I made a song called stormy days, believe the content in the verse is gonna’ be about some bad days in my life or somebody else’s life I know.”

Being from one of the roughest hoods in Akron, Ohio King Locust has over-came obstacles in life that put him in the position to be where he is now. When asked what those obstacles were he added, “Being black for one thing, always having the deck stacked against me. Second, being targeted by the Federal Government on a trumped up case and doing 10 years. Good graces of God that Obama let me come back.

My obstacles wasn’t even money related. Some people fall out because they money ran out or their longevity ran out, mine got stripped away and it still didn’t break me or my fan base. Most people tried to judge until I got out on a racially motivated charge, 25 years old it came back and it freed me and my soul is still in-tact. That’s one thing about the Black Man, we’ve been broken before so it’s in our DNA to keep pushing. So I came back bitter but determined and motivated to get my stories across.” 

We also touched on who influences his microphone, this is what he had to say “In a strong order from a lyrical standpoint and influence I’m a go Rakim, NWA, and the Don Makavelli, Tupac. That’s a real line-up based on how music was. Three people who took over era’s not just a year. Rakim kind of blacked out everybody, then NWA blacked out the world then ‘Pac came back and changed it and gave everybody something to think about. So them my 3 influences of the top.”

When asked what he would do if he was a top industry music industry executive, what he would he change  he added “If I was a one of these big time music executives, I would change the ability for the industry to keep feeding us bullshit to dig down into the people with the real talent.”

Always the consummate performer at shows, King Locust tells us to expect “High energy, that octane when I hit the stage I’m a go in. I’m a sweat, I’m a jump, I’m a yell I might go hoarse but I’m a keep your attention, I’m a keep your attention period. I’m a high-powered one mic man, I don’t got a whole bunch of mutha’ fuckas on stage, I’m a give you a show every time and if a mutha’ fucka say go acapella best believe I’m a bust yo’ head acapella. It’s always gonna be high-octane for a King Locust show all the way back to my Bermuda Triangle album all the way up to now. When I hit the stage, I’m a shut it down.”

We closed out the interview touching on what to expect from King Locust and Global Mogul, LLC next, this is what he said “Aww man I’m deep into projects right now. The “Next City to Blow” compilation, my AK Spitters album “Bloody Roses”, you got my “Krown” album, then you got my “Ice Pick” album then you got a Red Label album. These are projects that are already done. I’m like 7 albums in some untitled. You can expect pure work from me and the sponsorship with “Cilque Vodka ”, it’s gonna’ be a hard push until I’m done and when I’m done I’m talking about jumpin’ of into these movies and these real novels”

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