biggjigg1Tell us how long you been rapping and when did you get serious about it.

I been in the business over 13 plus yrs. I got serious about it like 2002.

How long have you been with Universal? What did it take for you to get there?

I have been with universal for about 2yrs now and it took persistence and staying relevant and staying in the right industry executives faces getting them to believe in the whole team biggjigg  movement  as a brand  & as an  artist.

Is there any difference in how you prepare for the booth and stage now since you are rolling with a major label such as Universal?

No difference at all i keep the same formula, I just work harder to maintain my spot in hip hop to be amongst one of the greats.

What kind of obstacles did you experience getting into the industry versus now?

Well getting the masses to not only buy into me but believing in me and my movement was a major task it has become a lil easier since gaining a good fan base and making quality music and getting a lot of media exposure over the yrs consumers are trendy they do what others do and it’s hard for people to believe in something they don’t see or hear.

What advice or tips would you give to an artist transitioning over to a major label?

Well for one if u are transitioning to a major label u had to have been doing something right to even be considered by a major label so keep ur same formula that has been working just work a lil more harder to keep your position at the label and work like you don’t even have a deal because the more you look at  it as you still trying to make it the more hungrier u will remain in terms of working and grinding when u feel like u have made it is when u lose focus and get lazy content and unmotivated that’s the beginning of the end for your career so never do that.

Who are some of your favorite industry artists right now? What about on the independent/underground scene?

On the major side one of my favorite artist of all time is Scarface from ghetto boys &I like Drake & Wale on the underground scene I like Troy Ave out of New York.

What are your musical plans for the future? Will you remain at Universal?

My plans are to first off keep god first and remain humble and keep working hard to keep making quality music for my fans & supporters & to expand my brand #talk2emjigg & my label go2man music group to help other artist fulfill their entertainment dreams & get more involve with acting I have already been in 2 major movies like Alvin & Chipmunks 4 & Billy Lynn’s Long halftime walk as well.

s/o to my whole team teambiggjigg & all my supporters for believing in me over the yrs I won’t let u down and to Curmag for taking the time to do this interview & write up on me I am gracious.


Mixtapes / Album Releases:5/23/2012 – “ Pictures” single release ft Baby Bash ; 2/2012 - 2 Jobs 1 Hustle Vol. 1 hosted by Ace Hood & DJ Eddie Kone ; 12/2011 – Chase Checks by Bigg Jigg hosted by DJ Logikal ; 12/21/2011 – “ Pictures “ single release on Intunes &(500 releases) Digital sites ;1/2011 – “ Floss Like a Dennis Hosted by DJ Flaco ; Go 2 Man ( 1st Major Album; release on label 4/4/2010 world wide US/UK) ; 5/2009 - Talk of Da MidWest ( Popular Demand) Vol. 2 ; 4/2009 - Space Age Trappin Hosted by DJ Smallz ; 2/2009 - Talk Of The MidWest Muscles Vol. 1 ; 12/2008 – “ Everybody Else “ ft T-Pain ; 11/2008 - Talk Of The MidWest Muscle Vol. 1 ( Bigg Jigg, The Game, Baby Boy, Chyna White, etc) ; Southern Massacre Vol. 8 ; Dirty Showtime Vol.4 ( mix style )

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