liquidsoundrecordsSome of us don’t know what we want to do with our lives until we graduate college and are hit in the face with the grim job scene while some of us make choices in our preteens that shape our future. As

an early musician and entrepreneur, Ryan Katz did not plan on getting discovered as a producer by Island Def Jam Music Group, but he did.

Ryan has been involved in the music business for nine years and has since gathered a large database of music contacts, not to mention his opportunities with Island Def Jam Music Group which allowed him to collaborate with musicians he idolized as a teen. He now boasts an impressive roster of artists he has produced and collaborated with, even popular athletes on their offseason. The story does not end there. His new goal? Take local artists to the next level with his assistance and discovering new artists as a talent scout.

We’ve all heard the story time and again. Crazy talented artists that never get exposed beyond their hometown because they lack the promotion and business sense. Katz does just that.

Ryan offers promotional packages that allow musicians to be heard beyond their city limits as well as his contacts to be sure their music is placed in the right hands. Once the music speaks for itself, opportunities may arise for these artists they would otherwise not have had.

His insider tip? With social media being the powerhouse that it has become it would be ludicrous to not use it to your advantage as an artist. It is a great marketing tool that must be taken advantage of, especially for the struggling musician. He himself has discovered artists on social media sites and credits these sites for becoming an integral part of his job process.

Keep an ear out for the Katz and Skrillex collaboration and a Drake and Katz collaboration, both due out this year. If you wish to get in contact with Katz regarding a beat you would like produced or custom created you can reach him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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