miss japanWhat would you call the daughter of an African- American Naval officer and a Japanese woman?

Miss Universe Japan. At only 21 years old, Ariana Miyamoto not only stunned the Japanese in March but rocked the world by

blackpowerWith all the negativity and violence storming our streets, let’s remind ourselves what true Black Power is. That it is uplifting, and should be used as a tool to against ignorance, mainly our own. That it is something we are

diyMusicLogoLast month I participated in a legal panel held on the subject of how to legalize DIY music venues. There has been a tradition of DIY (which stands for Do It Yourself) venues springing up in cities like New York, Portland, Athens, Minneapolis, and Seattle. These venues created unique music scenes and cultures that spawned


Support your local scene. Because without them you wouldn’t have your favorite bands.

You will pay $30 to $50 to go see a band play one song you heard on the radio…. but you won’t pay $5 to $7 to see local bands? Hmmm, this disturbs me, terribly. It bothers me

ladyspitfire2This month, Running with Scissors talks about Pay-to-Play Showcases. As musicians, we can’t stand it. The idea behind this article is try to come up with a solution to avoid having to go through it moving forward--for we are all on board with trying to

ripsummerAs fall arrives we all find ourselves asking one another, “What happened to summer?” “How did the time pass us by so fast?” If you’re like me, you put together a list sometime before Memorial Day marking down which outdoor concerts, movies


Before you go ahead and decide that it’s worth it because, hey, they only charge 8.95 per 1000 followers, so why not?

Put down the debit card and read this before you purchase!

While this may be a quick and easy way to see an attractive

listener2In the following lines, I will write about how to fully enjoy music. It may sound pretty arrogant, I know, but ask you a few minutes of your precious time to read what I have you to tell. I promise you won’t regret it.

fadialogoI recently had the opportunity to sit down with the talented and gifted leaders of an underrated organization based on reaching the embattled female youth in the Summit County community. Conceived by Yvette Thompson,

fameWell, you can’t. But do you really want to be? If you want to be a famous musician for exposure and money, think again. A record label is nothing more than a bank giving you a loan. And you thought your interest was high.

listen to the music

In trying times like these, I now, more than ever, hold more stock in the wise words of men past. While we may never know the depths of the music industry truth, we do have experts confirming that we, as humans, naturally emulate behavior. Doesn’t it make sense that

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