fameWell, you can’t. But do you really want to be? If you want to be a famous musician for exposure and money, think again. A record label is nothing more than a bank giving you a loan. And you thought your interest was high.

And the $ is the least of your problems…

If you still decide you still want to be a part of this ridiculous mainstream music industry, you can’t! These people are chosen from childhood, bred for this, controlled by their handlers and molded into mindless money machines (Google Monarch Programming and Project MK Ultra) who in turn dumb down their fanbase with their ridiculous lyrics and shocking video imagery.

Too farfetched for you to believe? Many pop stars (Michael Jackson), hip hop stars (Immortal Technique) and actors (Roseanne Barr) have come out and spoken about this, though you won’t find this info as a headline on CNN but you will find a majority of it online.

Trust me, once you start peeling the onion the many layers will reveal themselves. And yes, it stinks to high hell.

Consider yourself lucky that you were NOT chosen for this sinister way to control the masses and make a label money.

Do your research, friends, and hit me up with any discoveries you make that you think we should write about. Or write your own for us to publish. Help me make this a PUBLIC ISSUE!

If you’re a musician, indie is the way to go not only because of royalties (namely, it’s all YOUR money not .13 cents an album) but most importantly, because of creative control and content. No brainwashing filth in the indie scene.

Boycott the Mainstream, Support Indie.

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