Let’s talk resume. I know, I know, you’re probably asking yourself “Do I really need a resume’?” Well, let me put it to you this way. A resume’ alone will never land you a job. However, you will never find your dream job

in your career of choice without a resume’. So let’s get going’.

As you begin the process of creating your resume’, you must understand that the true purpose of a resume’ is, first and foremost, to generate interviews. It’s not simply an opportunity to tell a story about you.

Next – and this may seem unbelievable but it’s true – the average resume’ gets about five seconds of consideration from a screener. Your resume’ is going to make you or break you in just about the same amount of time it takes to say, “Hello, my name is …” Crazy but true. So this is serious stuff here.


Think about your resume’ as a selling or marketing tool – and your skills and experience are the product being sold. In reviewing your resume’, an employer wants to quickly determine one thing … do you meet the specifications of the job that’s open? That’s it. Nothing more.


Your resume’ must be easy to read and appealing to the eye. Nobody wants to read a jumbled, rambling, overly text-heavy document so use ample white space and be succinct in your wording.


Additionally, your resume’ should carry keywords that match the desired attributes and qualifications listed in the job description to capture the attention and interest of the person screening or reviewing resumes’. You should consider having a resume for each career field. For example, Human Resources, Marketing, etc, Your keywords, work history, etc. should then reflect the wording and your experience in the specific field.


Next -- and you’ve probably heard it your entire life -- Always tell the truth. Period. Trust me, it pays off in the end! Don’t include any false information because it will be uncovered and you’ll regret it later. Tell the truth.


So, before we move on, understand that a resume’ is a bit of a paradox. It’s critically important yet it’s only a small part of finding a dream job. It’s kinda like your car key. It’s not the most important component of your car but, without it, you’ll get nowhere.

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