newcareerLet’s talk about evaluating your results from a Career Assessment Test.

So, what did you discover from your Career Assessment Recommendation? Did you learn something about yourself you never knew before? Or did you

confirm what you already knew? Either way, you just completed a critically important step in identifying, pursuing and landing that dream job.

It’s time to take a realistic look at your professional options as we begin to narrow the focus on your career of choice.

It’s very important that you think in terms of a career, not an industry. An industry is simply a backdrop, it’s not what you’ll actually be doing day-to-day. For instance, if your chosen career is in sales or in research, remember there are career opportunities in  sales or research in virtually everything from architecture to zoology – A to Z! That’s why we need to focus on what you want to do vs. the broader backdrop of an industry.

Study your Career Assessment Recommendations. Really think about them – especially if you discovered something unexpected. Discuss the results with your mentor or mentors. Get their feedback. Envision yourself in a career you may never have considered prior to taking the Assessment. Feel the excitement and the possibilities for growth, success and fulfillment.

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